360° Business Consulting

Lawson & Murphy clients have access to our full suite business services — whenever needed — so don’t try to face critical problems alone.  Let Lawson & Murphy protect your bottom line.

We Can Help

Clients have access to our full suite business services — whenever needed. So if you don’t have in house legal counsel, you don’t have to spend $10,000 on an attorney’s retainer to handle unexpected issues. Likewise, Lawson & Murphy can help clients negotiate favorable terms with banks or lenders. If you get turned down for financing, Lawson & Murphy can help improve your application or find alternative sources. If you need to upgrade your operations without overspending, Lawson & Murphy can help you acquire equipment at reduced cost. If you have inventory sitting idle, you may be able to turn it into liquid cash. Lawson & Murphy can collect your unpaid invoices or ARs. Or if you choose factoring, Lawson & Murphy can help you get top dollar for them— quickly. Yes, Lawson & Murphy collects debts for clients.  That means we know every aspect of debt negotiation.  If you have any outstanding debt issue, Lawson & Murphy will help resolve it to your best advantage.

Whatever challenge or issue may be holding your business back, we can help.

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